Queen Liliuokalani Building
1390 Miller Street, Room 404
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Lance Mizumoto, Chairperson
Kenneth Uemura, Vice Chairperson
Grant Chun, Esq.
Margaret Cox
Brian De Lima, Esq.
Darrel Galera


Alison Kunishige, Esq., Board Executive Director
Kenyon Tam, Board Analyst
Regina Pascua, Board Private Secretary
Irina Dana

I. Call to Order

The Audit Committee (“Committee”) meeting was called to order by Committee Chairperson Lance Mizumoto at 11:03 a.m.

II. Public Testimony on Audit Committee (“Committee”) agenda items

Committee Chairperson Lance Mizumoto called for public testimony. There was no public testimony at this time.

III. Approval of Meeting Minutes of November 1, 2016
IV. Recommendation for Action
Committee Vice Chairperson Kenneth Uemura presented the revisions to the Audit Committee Charter as detailed in a memorandum that was provided to the Committee.

Committee Member Margaret Cox expressed appreciation for Committee Vice Chairperson Uemura’s work on the charter.

Committee Member Brian De Lima agreed with Committee Member Cox and asked if Committee Vice Chairperson Uemura spoke with Denise Yoshida, Director of the Internal Audit Office. Committee Vice Chairperson Uemura confirmed that he did.

Committee Chairperson Lance Mizumoto agreed with Committee Member Cox and Committee Member De Lima and stated that Committee Vice Chairperson Uemura has provided more focus and clarity to the Audit Committee through the revisions to the Audit Committee Charter.

Committee Vice Chairperson Uemura thanked Yoshida, Board Executive Director Alison Kunishige, and Senior Assistant Superintendent and Chief Financial Officer Amy Kunz for assisting him in developing the Audit Committee Charter revisions.

ACTION: Motion to approve the Audit Committee Charter as presented in Exhibit B of Board Member Kenneth Uemura’s memorandum dated December 6, 2016 (De Lima/Uemura). The motion carried unanimously with all members present voting aye.

V. Adjournment

Committee Chairperson Lance Mizumoto adjourned the meeting at 11:05 a.m.