Queen Liliuokalani Building
1390 Miller Street, Room 404
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Brian De Lima, Chairperson
Hubert Minn, Vice Chairperson
Amy Asselbaye
Margaret Cox
Patricia Halagao
Don Horner
Jim Williams
Grant Chun, ex officio
Lance Mizumoto, ex officio


Alison Kunishige, Board Executive Director
Kenyon Tam, Board Analyst
Summer Jenkins

I. Call to Order

The Human Resources Committee (“Committee”) meeting was called to order by Committee Chairperson Brian De Lima at 9:30 a.m.

II. Public Testimony on Committee Agenda Items

Committee Chairperson De Lima called for public testimony. The following people provided oral testimony.

Agenda Item
Andy JonesDepartment of Education IV. A. Update on process of evaluation of SuperintendentComment

Written testimony was received and provided to the Committee. The following is a listing of the people that submitted written testimony before the testimony deadline.

Agenda Item
Mireille ElsworthDepartment of Education IV. A. Update on process of evaluation of Superintendent Comment
Andy Jones, Teacher, Radford High School, testified and asked the Board of Education (“Board”) to reexamine how non-teaching positions are filled. Jones stated that teachers have little to no say in decisions, which are made by a top-down hierarchy issuing mandates that are focused more on compliance and data collection. Jones suggested rethinking issues from the bottom up and stated that the most experienced teachers should be the chief decision makers at every stage of the hierarchy.

Committee Chairperson De Lima stated that it would be helpful if Jones and the Hawaii State Teachers Association could put together a list of identified mandates for the Board to examine and discuss. Jones replied that he would speak with the union and put something together.

III. Approval of Meeting Minutes of May 17, 2016

ACTION: Motion to approve the Human Resources Committee minutes of May 17, 2016 (Williams/Minn). The motion carried unanimously with all members present voting aye.

Committee Chairperson De Lima asked that the Board members present symbolically recognize Board Member Patricia Halagao before the Committee goes into executive session, as Board Member Halagao would not be present for the Board’s general business meeting later in the day where the Board would take formal action on a resolution recognizing Board Member Halagao for her service on the Board.

Board Chairperson Lance Mizumoto recognized and thanked Member Halagao for her years of service on the Board and spoke to her many contributions. Board Chairperson Mizumoto read the resolution aloud and presented a lei to Board Member Halagao.

Committee Chairperson De Lima stated that the resolution was great but did not speak to all of Board Member Halagao’s credentials. Committee Chairperson De Lima stated that Board Member Halagao is a professor at the University of Hawaii and had brought mentorship, leadership, and other knowledgeable people to educate the Board.

Committee Member Halagao stated that serving on the Board had been an honor and spoke to the knowledge she had gained in the past three years. She stated that she will continue advocating for issues she worked on while serving on the Board.

Committee Vice Chairperson Hubert Minn thanked Member Halagao and assured her that he would continue to push the multilingual initiatives.

IV. Executive Session

ACTION: Motion to move into executive session to consider the evaluation of an employee (Minn/Halagao). The motion carried unanimously with all members present voting aye.

The meeting recessed at 9:40 a.m. and reconvened at 10:24 a.m.

V. Adjournment

Committee Chairperson De Lima adjourned the meeting at 10:25 a.m.